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Horatio Hornblower
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28th-Apr-2017 11:28 pm - The Watch episode 8 - Duty
Is it really the end already?

Soon after getting married, Hornblower is sent on a search and rescue mission for a British ship (under the command of an old friend) last reported off the French coast. In the midst of the search, the HMS Hotspur picks up some unwanted passengers and attempts to discover the objective of a small French invasion force.
(Episode guide from tv.com)

Previous episodes:
Episode 7 - Loyalty
Episode 6 - Retribution
Episode 5 - Mutiny
Episode 4 - The Frogs and the Lobsters/The Wrong War
Episode 3 - The Duchess and the Devil
Episode 2 - The Examination for Lieutenant/The Fire Ships
Episode 1 - The Even Chance/The Duel
22nd-Apr-2017 10:32 pm - Harboured and Encompassed, Chapter 18

Title: Harboured and Encompassed

Author: BBCPhile

Chapter: 18/25

Word Count: 9785

Pairing: Horatio Hornblower/Archie Kennedy

AO3 link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/9135700/chapters/23664030

Trigger warnings for this chapter: Stalking, panic attacks, vomiting, discussions of past rape, nightmare, suicidal ideation, epileptic seizure.
Basically, this chapter is brutal. Do what you need to in order to feel safe while reading it. Skip it if you need to.

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20th-Apr-2017 09:56 pm - The Watch episode 7 - Loyalty
Finally promoted to Captain and given command of HMS Hotspur, Hornblower is sent to France to determine the status of Napoleon's pledge of peace. Instead of peace, he discovers Napoleon is preparing to invade. He also begins a romantic relationship with the young Maria Mason.
(Episode guide from tv.com)

Previous episodes:
Episode 6 - Retribution
Episode 5 - Mutiny
Episode 4 - The Frogs and the Lobsters/The Wrong War
Episode 3 - The Duchess and the Devil
Episode 2 - The Examination for Lieutenant/The Fire Ships
Episode 1 - The Even Chance/The Duel
Vic Roads
Title: Scarlet Macaw
Author: Hyarrowen
Rating: PG-15
Word count:2300
Relationship:  Hornblower/Bush/Kennedy
Genre: Character death fix, romance, threesome
Disclaimer: Not mine, not making any money out of this

Summary: In Kingston after the trial, events take an unexpected turn - and then an even more unexpected turn.
Notes: Written for bauhiniakapok
, with thanks to her for the bunny and the canon beta; many thanks to heloise1415 for the naval beta.

AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10676472

DW: http://hyarrowen.dreamwidth.org/21640.html#cutid1

13th-Apr-2017 09:27 pm - The Watch - Easter break
No episode this week as I'm away in the wilds - as you can see I do have internet, which was doubtful, but I can't face another mad catch up when I get home!

If this makes you sad, feel free to comment on a previous episode, write a missing scene, or tell us about your favourite moment or supporting character :-)

Previous episodes:
Episode 6 - Retribution
Episode 5 - Mutiny
Episode 4 - The Frogs and the Lobsters/The Wrong War
Episode 3 - The Duchess and the Devil
Episode 2 - The Examination for Lieutenant/The Fire Ships
Episode 1 - The Even Chance/The Duel
7th-Apr-2017 07:49 pm - Gold Beneath the Sea
A fic I finally finished recently after letting it languish for years. More book-verse than film-verse, but could be either.

Title: Gold Beneath the Sea
Series: Hornblower
Pairing: Hornblower/Bush
Rating: NC-17
Notes: Merman AU.

Summary: “I told you I am no man. But I was, once. More than a man, one of your own kind. A lieutenant, in His Majesty’s Royal Navy.”

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
6th-Apr-2017 07:40 pm - The Watch episode 6 - Retribution
After declaring their Captain unfit for command, the officers of the HMS Renown struggle to complete their mission against the Spanish only to find themselves facing a court martial upon returning to a British port.
(Episode guide from tv.com)

Previous episodes:
Episode 5 - Mutiny
Episode 4 - The Frogs and the Lobsters/The Wrong War
Episode 3 - The Duchess and the Devil
Episode 2 - The Examination for Lieutenant/The Fire Ships
Episode 1 - The Even Chance/The Duel
And another old piece, found at the bottom of my gander bag.

Title: Straight and Narrow
Author: mylodon
Word Count: 4720
Pairing: Horatio Hornblower/Archie Kennedy
Notes: Hornblower/Shifting Sands crossover

Bean picked up his books and headed for the relative quiet of Parker’s Piece. It seemed like Cambridge had been completely invaded by the bonneted and bodiced, the buttoned and breeched, BBC drama at its most Austeneque - and he was sick of it. He’d expected to get peace and quiet if he came up early for a vac course. A few days of late September sunshine, a little learning and plenty of time to ease himself into his first term. And prepare for the chance of bumping into Danny again, although whether he’d ever be that prepared, who could tell?
He passed another film unit as he slunk along King’s parade, trying not to trip over the Gordian knots of wires. He’d counted four so far, the crews obviously trying to get all the filming wound up before the undergraduate invasion at the start of October. It didn’t surprise him at all to spot the young man wandering along the path by the University Arms, bedecked in some sort of naval uniform – an extra, no doubt, kicking his heels until required. He’d even wondered at first if it were Danny, with the dark hair and the same lanky elegance adding to the illusion. But as Bean approached he could see that, although this man was equally handsome, it wasn’t his old friend. Still, he’d have to get past to find a nice bench in the sunshine and he risked a smile as he went.
“Archie?” The man’s voice sounded hurt, confused.
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4th-Apr-2017 03:47 pm - Toast and Foghorns
Shifting Sands Challenge
Title: Toast and Foghorns
Author Eglantine_br
Rating G

Toast and Foghorns

“Mommy does it a different way, she uses the microwave.” There was no condemnation in the little voice, only a forward curiosity.

“She makes toast in the microwave?” I found this rather appalling but nobody ever could tell my sister anything.

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This is my 'new' piece for this challenge.

Title: By the Light of the Full Moon
Author: mylodon
Word Count: 498
Pairing: Horatio Hornblower/Archie Kennedy

“Do you know what Styles does, night of the full moon?”
“Knits socks for sailors? Writes sonnets?” Horatio gave Archie one of “those” looks. The one that meant “what the bleeding hell are you on about now?” “I suppose you’re about to enlighten me.”
“Not if you’re going to be so touchy.” Archie chuckled. “I shall leave you to wonder about it. My lips will be sealed.”
“That will be a first, then.” Horatio turned his attention back to his studies.
Archie watched, waited and consulted his timepiece by the dim light of the gunroom. Two minutes and forty seven seconds, at an estimate. In the event Horatio barely lasted over the minute and a half before saying, “What is it, then? I know you’re dying to tell me.”
“He comes over all hairy, for one thing.”
“He’s always hairy.”
“Hairier than normal, then. And his teeth change and grow.” Archie used his best “weird sister” voice.
“How do you know?” Horatio’s studies were left untouched for the moment; his interest had been piqued. “Have you seen him?”
“Yes and no. I saw him but didn’t realise it was Styles, not at first.” Archie lowered his voice, leaning closer to an intimate distance they only usually kept for nights ashore. “It was last time we were here in Portsmouth. I’d been running an errand, early one morning, do you remember?”
“How can I forget? A matter of national importance or so you said. You never stopped talking about it.” Horatio rolled his eyes, which was definitely the saucepan calling the kettle black. “Back to Styles.”
“I saw this strange creature, making his way to Spice Island. Hair springing from every part of him and a great slavering maw where his mouth should be. The only way I knew it was our shipmate was the clothes, and he was bulging out of them. He was heading for the butcher’s shop.” Archie leaned closer still. “I understand that these were-wolves like their manflesh, but in the absence of meat on the hoof—or the foot, I should say—they settle for a cut joint.”
Horatio, eyes wide, was clearly torn between belief and scepticism. “What happened?”
“I followed him, at a safe distance. He raided the place. Came out with a shoulder of mutton under one arm and half a pig under the other. And the butcher chasing him down the road, cleaver in hand!” Archie chortled. “Then the sun started to come up, and the most amazing thing happened. The hair just sort of dissolved and the ugly maw was replaced by Styles’s normal potato face. He just looked at the meat in his hands as though he’d never seen it before.”
Horatio, deeply drawn into the story, whispered, “What happened then?”
“A constable arrived, alerted by the noise. Poor old Styles was arrested and charged.”
“With being a werewolf?”
“No. With chop-lifting!” And, with a gleeful cry, Archie sprang out of punching distance and headed for the deck.
3rd-Apr-2017 08:54 pm - Fic: Legacy
Plot Bunnies
I wanted to join in on the Shifting Sands challenge, both to keep supporting this community and to get my creative juices flowing. However, I'm not sure how well I actually fulfilled the requirements of the challenge. It relates to the "shifting sands of time", which is a nebulous connection at best, and thanks to part of the inspiration for this fic coming from a prompt on disney_kink, it only contains a small amount of Hornblower characters. I figured I'd link to it anyway and leave it up to you to decide if it fits the requirements or not.

TITLE: Legacy.
RATING: PG just in case.
WORD COUNT: 3,670.
PAIRING, IF ANY: Small amounts of Horatio Hornblower/Captain Amelia.
SPOILER WARNING: Vague ones for both the short story "The Last Encounter" and for Alice Through the Looking Glass.
DISCLAIMER: I definitely don't own anything here.
SUMMARY/NOTES: An unexpected torch is passed.

Here's the link: http://ioanite.livejournal.com/49905.html

Hope you enjoy it, whether or not you consider it part of the challenge!
3rd-Apr-2017 10:56 pm - Garnets and Sand
Shifting Sands Challenge
Title: Garnets and Sand
Author Eglantine
Word Count 400
Rating PG for violence and misery

Garnets and Sand

El Ferrol

They were not going to shoot him. Read more...Collapse )
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