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That shirt looks familiar...

Jamie Bamber has made several convention appearances this year, most recently at FanExpo in Toronto and DragonCon in Atlanta. All his appearances have been covered over at jamiebambernews by the lovely asta77 and zegeekgirl, who also happen to be just back from meeting the man himself at DragonCon. Not that I'm jealous or anything.... ;)

Aaaanyway, we couldn't help noticing that JB's choice of attire in Toronto looked rather familiar, rather nautical in fact....

I referred to the picture above as "grown-up Archie", which led zegeekgirl to suggest:

"Grown-up Archie who miraculously makes a last minute recovery and gets smuggled out of custody in the dead of night and put on a non-military merchant vessel under the guise of a boatswain? I mean, look at that shirt... where have I seen that shirt before?"

I suspect that Archie has had that shirt stashed in his dunnage for some time...

jamiebambernews also posted footage of JB's FanExpo panel recorded by Ryan Yeager. Although most of the questions are about BSG, Jamie also talks about the biggest challenge of his acting career (playing Prince Hal on stage), his parents and family, and working with his wife. There was also one question about Hornblower:

Q: I'm just wondering, because they're very different settings but still very similar stories in a way, if you noticed any big differences or similarities between being in Admiral Pellew’s fleet when you did the Hornblower movies compared to being in Adama’s fleet?

JB: The main different was that Edward Pellew would shout a lot, and the other fella everything was like this (cue inaudible gravelly Adama impersonation) so you had to listen....Robert had to contend with the elements, we were out at sea and he was having to make himself heard over waves and wind and Eddie was in the CIC with us all huddled neatly around and all very quiet. But both fantastic actors and great captains in their own way, one just a bit more bombastic than the other, I would say that’s the difference. Sort of the difference between acting in England and acting in America. Everyone in America is very contained and serious, in England we’re PROJECTING TO THE BACK, to the cheap seats the whole time.

Nice to know Robert Lindsay put all that RADA training to good use on the quarterdeck! XD

The question is around the 11.50 mark in the video

And one last snippet of news from asta77, which is just the cherry on the cake:

"I may have told Jamie that we want photos of he and Ioan at the golf event because we want to see a Hornblower reunion. He laughed a little and said OK. Granted, he has little control over the photographers taking photos, but the seed has been planted ;)

Lets hope that little seed grows into a gorgeous photo op!
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