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Midshipman Bracegirdle? a new candidate for the Indy

I was inspired to post these pics by newcomer to the comm di_daydreamer and eglantine_brs comments about worthy and cuddly Mr Bracegirdle.
Bracey is as we know loyal and dedicated and utterly to be relied on in any crises - he and the Indefatigables actual first lieutenant John Thomson had all that in common- but Lieutenant Thomson also had his son on board -JT the younger was a mid who was being polished as only Ned Pellew could, to be the best the navy had.
This is not really a Nodbear history post though but an actor news post.Recently while watching a detective show on TV my eye caught a young actor who seemed vaguely familiar - as well as very pretty indeed !
And yes he turns out to be son-of Bracey -or rather he is Jolyon Coy, son of Jonathan- and is a young actor doing well in theatre and tv.Like his dad not necessarily the biggest name but good at his art and succeeding quietly.Which come to think of it is like Thomson and Son as well.
Anyway here is the lovely Mr Coy junior :

Looking like father - especially if you remember the photo of Bracey senior which our dear Captain anteros_lmc posted long while back but which she might repost with luck when she gets a moment.Like father only even prettier - can't you just see him as fitting right in there with those mids ? To help you make up your mind here are two more pictures the latter one in Elizabethan garb at the Globe.

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