nodbear (nodbear) wrote in following_sea,

Follow up report ! Whales , Mids and familiar faces

Yesterday I posted a link to the newly available Moby Dick recording and some friends already have started to listen I gather.I also featured in another post young Jolyon Coy who looked a find candidate to play a new midshipman.
So having been too long absent from Following Sea I Am now being something of a London bus -no posts for ages and then three at once!
For Mr Coy junior and Melville's epic are connected since he had a role in The Whale, the film with Martin Sheen about the whaling incident which inspired Melville and so the Moby Dick connection.
So its not naval uniform as such but here is young Coy at sea - as it were.
On the left - in the um late Georgian beanie hat;)

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