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Much Ado About Shakespeare: Love's Labours Won

I've always loved the way Archie quotes Shakespeare throughout the movies, and decided to write a fic in which our navy boys are brought together by a Shakespeare wager.

This is definitely the longest fanfic I've written, and since it's 7 chapters, I'll just post the summary, pairing, and link here.

Title:  Much Ado About Shakespeare: Love’s Labours Won

Pairing: Horatio Hornblower/Archie Kennedy

Words: 13884

Summary: Archie’s devotion to Shakespeare leads Horatio to propose a bet. The stakes are higher than either of them realize. Puns! Panic attacks! Confessions! And, of course, the Bard.

I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for welcoming me into the fandom!

Tags: character: archie kennedy, character: horatio hornblower, episode: the frogs and lobsters, fanworks: fanfiction, media: tv series, pairing: hornblower/kennedy, rating: slash
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