eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote in following_sea,

A book you may like

I have been reading a book (as somebody one said,)

It is called 'Went the Day Well' and it is by David Crane. The subtitle is 'Witnessing Waterloo.' I thought it was a collection of primary souce accounts of the battle, and there is some of that, but it is more like an examination of different people and things that were happening to them over that small fraction of time.

It covers a number of men and women, some still famous, some obscure, some involved with world events, some not. But the first chapter delighted me-- there was our dear Basil Hall! He was not really the focus, the chapter was mostly about his brother-in-law, but BH was there, with his kind heart and his inexaustable energy..

The chapter I am on now deals with Bellerophon on blockade. I am just wading in delightedly to their world.

Anyhow, i know you all have stacks of books awaiting reading, but this one is a delight.

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