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Navyboy uniform splendour and smiles.

Author: Nodbear
Description:An account of a historical costume maker that will bring a smile to some readers.
And: it does feature breeches...

under the cut for sartorial education:)

I promised the great eglantine_br yesterday when we were chatting - via an imageless skype, but that is another story, that I would be returning to lj and Following Sea soon and here I am. But I was imagining a news of recent months or even the return of one of my several long stalled fics, but I find myself presenting here instead a piece relate to navy uniform and in particular breeches, the latter being a perennially favourite fangirl obsession scholarly topic here on Following Sea I know.
Given the description below, it might also cause a smile to lovely esteven amaraal and other Perfect Duet readers.

For research purposes and in the noble cause of authenticity of course (why else ?) its always good to keep an eye on all things Hornblower in the tailoring line.A recent search brought me to this excellent shop on Etsy

which does some costumes that can be adapted to suit the dashing historical hero one wants to dress up as -and this adaptability causes some smile worthy descriptions,for instance, these breeches

are listed like this:
Breeches for Naval Officer - Hornblower, Nelson or Napoleon... and any character from Master and Commander. Or for any old pirate...

and this coat

Hornblower, Nelson or Napoleon, or Captain Cook - whoever you would be... this custom order was for Horatio Hornblower; adapt for your hero!
with the useful addition that you can ask for a quotation for extra gold braid.

What makes this site even better is that the company are based in Teignmouth - and I can rather imagine the benign ghost of Teignmouth's most famous naval retiree taking one or two of his twenty two grandchildren for a stroll down the hill from West Cliff House to see the new tailor that there is all the fuss about.He would be delighted to be 'any old pirate' but the merest implication that Napoleon could be included as a naval officer would cause a snort of disbelief if not outright derision.And he would need a big quote for a lot of extra gold braid:) But Sir Edward would be pleased with them overall I suspect even if today's prices would sound like a lot of prize money!
Do visit the shop as some of their work is outstandingly good - and good wishes to all Following Sea friends, new and old.

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